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Sometimes dreams don’t happen during the night. Sometimes they happen about the night

When creating “Celestial Crystal,” I dreamt of a whimsical night free from the elegantly luminescent but no less commanding glow of the moon. Because when the moon’s away, the stars will play.

You know those nights when the wondrous gradient of evening fading into darkness sets the stage for the theater of the cosmos?

Those rare nights when the stars seem so much larger and closer?

Those memorable nights when you feel that the heavenly lights were turned on just for you to pluck them out of the sky like a child at a constellation-filled candy store?

Well that child need no longer choose between the twinkling Twix and the star-kissed Hershey’s Kisses of the sky, because “Celestial Crystal” puts them at one with the Milky Way they live in and touch every day.

All jokes aside, I have long desired to combine the rich, tactile smoothness of a leather glove with the glimmering brilliance of crystal and silver—the nearly unreal kind that you hesitate to touch for fear of reaching right through it.

The deep hues of a blue, patent leather cuff set a mysterious background for the piece’s gleaming celestial topography. The pool of crystal centered in sterling silver represents a pool of stars contained within a gorgeous universe. Just as we sometimes can feel lonely within our minds, and just as the earth feels lonely amongst so many unexplored, mysterious heavenly bodies, the crystal in this piece is a self-contained beauty that nonetheless gains meaning from the significance of its neighbors.

This cuff is surrounded with a hand-sewn sterling silver ball chain that feels sensuous against the skin—a gentle reminder of small pleasures that can be found in a world of weighty, astronomical importance.

It only takes two snaps to affix “Celestial Crystal” securely to your wrist. Just those two snaps, and the cosmos can go wherever you go. This piece can be easily custom-sized, but is a limited edition piece. Only 8 will be made, and like the stars that inevitably wave goodbye as dawn envelops them, they will soon be gone. Seize the day (or rather, the night) and get one here while you still can.

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