lisa-prusinski-1425753717-squareJust like the unveiling of a new piece of art, introducing this blog to the world fills me with a bubbling excitement. Welcome to Lisa Marie’s blog, the written word extension of Lisa Marie Art Studio. Born in 2014 out of Michigan native Lisa Prusinski’s desire to revitalize her old business, the studio represents that business’s evolution into a cohesive and meaningful brand.

This new brand transcends the boundaries of two-dimensional art by featuring not only paintings and drawings, but also wearable art and home goods. I have spent the last 21 years learning to depict the essences of my diverse subjects in paintings, drawings, and various other media. While the idiom states that an artist “captures” the spirit of his or her subject, I like to think that after two decades of experience, I can actually liberate them.

If you’d like to learn more about me, my art, or the things that inspire my creative process, you can visit my about page.AbstractPeony-640

As I constantly work to improve and reinvent myself as an artist, I will use this blog to share with you all anecdotes and stories that I hope will provide insight into my artistic inspirations, ideations, and explorations.

I hope, too, that I will be able to feature some helpful tips for budding artists, as well as the more experienced who may simply be looking for ways to push the limits of the familiar. This will include video technique demonstrations, as well as new product introductions, testimonials, and seasonal offers for followers. All of this will be done for the communal betterment of artistry as a craft.

Finally, if something I’ve written speaks to you, or if something I’ve painted, drawn, or made catches your eye, feel free to share it with others on social media. And be sure to add your name to my contact list, as special offers will often be made available to those members.

Let’s make something beautiful together!

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