When I first began to draw with colored pencil, I, too, was drawn back into happy childhood memories. Through the pencil’s stroke, I remembered an influential penmanship teacher who fostered my love of the pencil as a writing instrument and a creative tool.

I didn’t see her teachings as a lesson on making marks on paper. Nor was I interested in simply earning a “mark,” or grade. No, it was the pencil that left a mark on me as an artist.

My teacher taught me to see the elegant ballet of the pencil as it met the page. Its loops and sharp turns became pirouettes and pliés across the stage of paper. Since then, pencil has been my favorite medium, though the paintbrush serves as an admirable understudy!

In ”Enchanted Afternoon,” the piece I’d like to share with you today, much is ado. But unlike in Shakespeare, it certainly isn’t about nothing! I used colored pencil to bring several of my favorite forms together into a single place. A car, botanicals, and the human form: all are done their due justice here, with the cumulative effect becoming an illustrated love letter to the beauties I see in each one.

All of the components here are sensitive. Just as the fragility of a wonderful dream leaves it in danger of fading at the slightest nudge, the automobile hood in this piece drifts away into whatever ethereal blur exists between the world of foreground and background.

While at a Concours auto event in Ohio, I found the car in “Enchanted Afternoon” adorned with the beautiful hood ornament that is the focus of the piece. As I approached it, I realized that the owner had actually chosen to use a crystal paperweight to pay proud homage to their love of exquisite human form! Though Rene Lalique fashioned the crystal “Chrysis” in 1931, the eloquence of its human form still holds sway in the 21st century. It continues to be adored by collectors and traded today for use as a paperweight!.

At the same time, my own enchantment with bearded irises—particularly violet colored ones—is evident in the many pieces I have created for customers. Like the mountains and ridges of a human fingerprint, the undulating lines and unpredictability of the bearded iris naturally lend themselves to truly unique pieces. Though I have a particular penchant for the color violet, the variety of colors found in this piece is a testament to my overall love for using the vast spectrum of hues found in treasures both manmade and nature-born.

Coming across this auto certainly enchanted that afternoon in Ohio, and with this piece, that magic persists into today! If it captivates you as it did me, the studio offers prints of this piece. Visit Lisa Marie Art Studio to see the variety of print sizes available, amongst other products you can have this image displayed on.

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