“Lisa creates her work by thoughtfully deconstructing the seamless intertwinement of color and shape in her subjects.”

Lisa Marie is an artist who specializes in Prismacolor pencil and watercolor. She is a signature member of The Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA), as well as a member of the Allied Artists of America (AAA). She hosts many one-woman shows, and was twice awarded the “Favored Artist” award at the Eyes on Design Show, both in June of 2000 and 2001. Her work has been commissioned and sold nationwide, which serves as a testament to its captivating ability to capture precious treasures, locations, and moments all across America.

Not simply attracted to the twinkle of the chrome, Lisa’s automobile and motorcycle paintings breathe fresh life into old classics. No longer must they sit as hulking symbols of a bygone zeitgeist: her careful attention to textural illustration lets the distorted mirror images of car hoods and handlebars serve also as nostalgic reflections on warm memories and those who relive them through the thrum of a lovingly restored engine. Lisa won an Honorable Mention at a recent CPSA for one of these motorcycle pieces: “Hot Blues.”

But it isn’t just sparkling hubcaps that light a spark in her heart. Lisa is also inspired by the many dazzling colors and complex shapes that comprise the natural world. Though Grand Rapids, Michigan is her home and the location of her alma mater, Kendall College of Art & Design—wherein she earned a BFA in Illustration—Lisa’s irrepressible wanderlust has brought her in contact with charming gardens, vast landscapes, and awe-inspiring seascapes. The landforms, plants, animals, and people she encounters in these spaces have inspired her to preserve the stories they tell within her paintings, portraits, and illustrations.

Lisa creates her work by thoughtfully deconstructing the seamless intertwinement of color and shape in her subjects. She then converges them once more to produce a highly detailed and texturized final product that owes its vivid, dreamy naturalism to Lisa’s long-standing passion for Classical Realism.

At the same time, the gripping appeal each piece makes to the viewer’s senses exemplifies her evolution into Hyper Realism. The beautiful and tactile textures of her paintings and drawings seek to do their subjects a justice that photographs cannot. While the photographer is separated from the subject by machine, Lisa’s art produces photorealism whilst preserving the most important element: the human connection.

As if they were the sculptor’s chisel or the carver’s knife, Lisa’s brushes and pencils serve as intermediaries between the view of the naked eye and the intricate world of shapes that often lies just out of human reach. These many shapes, which comprise the true essence of the holistic forms that are so often taken for granted, are merely waiting for the stroke of a brush to pull them to the surface. And by fully enveloping her body and mind into this secret world, Lisa seeks to not only draw these shapes onto paper and canvas, but also to draw them into reality.