Inspired and Want You to Know

Even though some of you might not know the lady pictured nor heard her uniquely enticing voice and soulful music, she has become one of my personal inspirations. The undulating, rollicking designs she had painted on her colorful rolling piece of art many years ago have awoken in me a similarly—you’ll have to forgive this dated term—groovy idea.


This One Was Much Different

You know how you think you’ve seen them all?

“They all look the same,” right?

Charlie was much different.


And no, I’m not talking about the town drunk or some hopeless romantic (although I can’t exactly speak for the love life of a squirrel!). No, Charlie—at least, that’s what I named him—is more of a bushy tailed fella, and he’s certainly more agile than the town drunk, too.


“National Bird Day”-Blue Jay with Red

Did you know it’s National Bird Day? Birds are among my favorites of all nature’s many delights, and I’m sure many of you can relate! Even though many of them fly south during this “season of giving,” I still enjoy attracting them with edible gifts of peanuts and birdseed. Whenever I get the chance to engage with these elegantly fluttering creatures, I do. And the moment depicted in this colored pencil was no exception.

blue jay, bird, wildlife, red


How about a little Sunshine?

Mendocino, Vintage, Family, Endearing, Memories

As the days get shorter and the temperature cooler, my mind wanders to the warm places I’ve visited and created paintings of to encapsulate the moment my eyes first had the pleasure of experiencing some of the most beautifully intricate scenes.  Mendocino, CA #1 is one of those memorable moments and scenes.  I happened upon this scene while traveling the coast of California on Highway 1 in Northern California. It was a splendid sunny day, and I on a motorcycle drinking it all in.


Peacock Fantasy – Not just another pillow!

When it comes to pillows, the plumage of this one positively billows.

Peacock, Pillow

As I lay down and dreamt of a favorite “bird of paradise,” it was as if the inspiration for this piece drifted from my mind right into the pillow my head rested on. With its exquisite layers of iridescent color, its boisterous display, and its graceful countenance, the male peacock of my dreamscape gently led my wandering brain through the vivid maze of its feathers.

Even softer and more delicate than the fragile dream they populated, this labyrinth of feathers was far from rigid; it swayed fluidly at the slightest movement of air. At this point, it didn’t matter to my sleeping self whether I found my way out of the bird’s amazing maze at all. I would have been more than content to lose myself within its hues all night.

For, at that point, the peacock had become more than just tufts of feathers—it was a symbol of beauty, prosperity, royalty, love, compassion and peace.


When You Wish Upon a Wrist — Celestial Crystal


Cuff, Leather, Crystal

Sometimes dreams don’t happen during the night. Sometimes they happen about the night

When creating “Celestial Crystal,” I dreamt of a whimsical night free from the elegantly luminescent but no less commanding glow of the moon. Because when the moon’s away, the stars will play.

You know those nights when the wondrous gradient of evening fading into darkness sets the stage for the theater of the cosmos?

Those rare nights when the stars seem so much larger and closer?

Those memorable nights when you feel that the heavenly lights were turned on just for you to pluck them out of the sky like a child at a constellation-filled candy store?

Well that child need no longer choose between the twinkling Twix and the star-kissed Hershey’s Kisses of the sky, because “Celestial Crystal” puts them at one with the Milky Way they live in and touch every day.


Enchanted Afternoon — A Story of Cars, Figures, & Flowers


When I first began to draw with colored pencil, I, too, was drawn back into happy childhood memories. Through the pencil’s stroke, I remembered an influential penmanship teacher who fostered my love of the pencil as a writing instrument and a creative tool.

I didn’t see her teachings as a lesson on making marks on paper. Nor was I interested in simply earning a “mark,” or grade. No, it was the pencil that left a mark on me as an artist.

My teacher taught me to see the elegant ballet of the pencil as it met the page. Its loops and sharp turns became pirouettes and pliés across the stage of paper. Since then, pencil has been my favorite medium, though the paintbrush serves as an admirable understudy!

In ”Enchanted Afternoon,” the piece I’d like to share with you today, much is ado. But unlike in Shakespeare, it certainly isn’t about nothing! I used colored pencil to bring several of my favorite forms together into a single place. A car, botanicals, and the human form: all are done their due justice here, with the cumulative effect becoming an illustrated love letter to the beauties I see in each one.


Lisa Marie’s Blog (Initial hello to the world)

Just like the unveiling of a new piece of art, introducing this blog to the world fills me with a bubbling excitement. Welcome to Lisa Marie’s blog, the written word extension of Lisa Marie Art Studio. Born in 2014 out of Michigan native Lisa Prusinski’s desire to revitalize her old business, the studio represents that…