You know how you think you’ve seen them all?

“They all look the same,” right?

Charlie was much different.


And no, I’m not talking about the town drunk or some hopeless romantic (although I can’t exactly speak for the love life of a squirrel!). No, Charlie—at least, that’s what I named him—is more of a bushy tailed fella, and he’s certainly more agile than the town drunk, too.

Jokes aside, this happy critter and I made a connection as “he” claimed a nice, straight tree limb for a nap on a sleepy, dreamy summer afternoon. It was serendipity that our eyes met for the longest time, as he stretched his belly over the length of the warm, sun-kissed wood.

squirrel, outdoors, sunshine, wildlife

Though I was literally “down to earth,” in that moment my thoughts flew high as I dreamt of how it would feel to nimbly climb around through this tree and rest as Charlie did, sprawled out as the cheery, dappled sunlight danced through the delicate leaves around me.

In my moment of pensiveness, I watched as the tiniest of branches swayed in the gentle breeze.

It reminded me of one song in particular my folks used to play when I was a child. Sung by Earl Grant on his Gently Swingin’ album, it’s called “Sunny.”

My siblings and I (and perhaps you, too?) all know and understand the talent that this easy-listening artist wielded, as he gently used his space-age fine organ like a sparkling knife to dish out a unique island sound that had the smoothness of butter. “Sunny” by Earl Grant

Organ and Piano Player

As a young child growing up in the sixties and seventies, the woman on the album’s cover appeared so beautiful to me. And as I basked happily in the sunlight beneath Charlie, I wondered if this woman, too, had a splendid squirrel to be her muse.

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Wishing you a successful and fulfilling New Year!

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