When it comes to pillows, the plumage of this one positively billows.

Peacock, Pillow

As I lay down and dreamt of a favorite “bird of paradise,” it was as if the inspiration for this piece drifted from my mind right into the pillow my head rested on. With its exquisite layers of iridescent color, its boisterous display, and its graceful countenance, the male peacock of my dreamscape gently led my wandering brain through the vivid maze of its feathers.

Even softer and more delicate than the fragile dream they populated, this labyrinth of feathers was far from rigid; it swayed fluidly at the slightest movement of air. At this point, it didn’t matter to my sleeping self whether I found my way out of the bird’s amazing maze at all. I would have been more than content to lose myself within its hues all night.

For, at that point, the peacock had become more than just tufts of feathers—it was a symbol of beauty, prosperity, royalty, love, compassion and peace.

“Peacock Fantasy” takes things further than these intangible adjectives. This pillow wants you to feel the allure of a peacock’s majestic feathers. That’s why this piece has been lovingly crafted with soft ultra suede and hand-painted on gold-flecked ultra suede for the front surface; dreaming of a bird’s beauty is one thing, but dreaming on it as you drift off to sleep is something even more wonderful.

And just as how a dream often allows one to transport his or herself into the world of another, this pillow is my depiction of the gorgeous feather patterns as if I actually were the peacock. How much more flamboyant and out of this world the feathers would be if only I could glimpse them in every passing mirror!

This piece makes the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love—especially if the one you love is your living room couch or armchair! Signed on the front, this pillow has an elegant blue teal piping, and the equally soft ultra suede on the back is a modern tan. Best of all? No irritating zippers to disturb the elegance of this pillow.

This design is hand-painted and is offered in a limited edition of only ten. Like a birdwatcher taking the perfect snapshot of a strutting peacock, you, too, should act quickly, before these all “fly away.”

For those thinking of being particularly thoughtful, all items from this studio can be gifted. And speaking of gifts, here’s our gift to you: sign up for our contact list at lisamarieartstudio.com, and we will send you a special discount for your purchase.

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