Did you know it’s National Bird Day? Birds are among my favorites of all nature’s many delights, and I’m sure many of you can relate! Even though many of them fly south during this “season of giving,” I still enjoy attracting them with edible gifts of peanuts and birdseed. Whenever I get the chance to engage with these elegantly fluttering creatures, I do. And the moment depicted in this colored pencil was no exception.

blue jay, bird, wildlife, red

The Blue Jay I drew was one of the few birds I have depicted in the winter (that’s his reward for not going on a tropical vacation!). The beautiful crabapple tree he perched on still has hanging fruit and stands as a playground, a reprieve, and even a snack bar for many visiting fauna.

Just as many of us have happily feasted and hibernated this holiday season, this male bird was fattened up as he beamed in spite of the hard blowing wind. Stoically upright, he seemed unfettered by it all. For such a regal-looking bird, this perch must have been a worthwhile throne, indeed!

Even in this blue weather, the Blue Jay’s vibrant colors starkly juxtaposed his surroundings. With such bright colors, it is difficult for such birds to easily hide from predators. But with such a dignified face and demeanor, who would dare harm him anyway?

In addition to his appearance, I like to think the calls of hungry Blue Jays like this one are so piercingly loud when diving in for a bite of food because they want to clear the feeder all in one fell swoop!

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Limited edition prints are available of this and other wildlife pieces at lisamarieartstudio.com. This image is also available on a pillow or canvas bag. Send me an email at lisa@lisamarieartstudio.com to inquire about sizing and the pricing level you are interested in.

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