Even though some of you might not know the lady pictured nor heard her uniquely enticing voice and soulful music, she has become one of my personal inspirations. The undulating, rollicking designs she had painted on her colorful rolling piece of art many years ago have awoken in me a similarly—you’ll have to forgive this dated term—groovy idea.

janice joplin

As regular readers of this blog already know, [I am nuts (and bolts!) about older cars,] particularly those with twinkling chrome and curvaceous characteristics. I typically depict them using colored pencil in two-dimensional wall art, but lately, the clutch has popped into my “idling” mind.

And no, I’m not talking about transmissions!

My new women’s purse line will be crafted in leather, vinyl, and felt, canvas, and it will include unique lines you’ve never seen elsewhere, along with reincarnated and reinvented lines from the past!

I will also offer hand-painted designs on some styles of purse for those who desire a bag that is as ultimately unique and enjoyable as the car you see above. Though they may not have odometers, the excellent quality of these bags promises many memorable miles and happy journeys to those bold enough to “drive” them around on their shoulders.

More on this subject will be coming soon, so keep that vintage car radio (or maybe just your computer!) tuned to this site!   lisamarieartstudio.com

I’ll leave you with a simple request: make today just as exceptional as you are!


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