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As the days get shorter and the temperature cooler, my mind wanders to the warm places I’ve visited and created paintings of to encapsulate the moment my eyes first had the pleasure of experiencing some of the most beautifully intricate scenes.  Mendocino, CA #1 is one of those memorable moments and scenes.  I happened upon this scene while traveling the coast of California on Highway 1 in Northern California. It was a splendid sunny day, and I on a motorcycle drinking it all in.

Far beyond the vast numbers of shapes contained within the scene, the layers of visual depth in the foliage, the vines and worn wooden shapes are a myriad of endearing memories of a families love, fun, nurturing, and even loss, making this piece a tad bittersweet.  Things are a bit tattered within the scene and paths well worn.  Reminds me of lives fully lived that contain some clutter, similarly in the overgrown shrubbery and sparse grassy areas.  I saw the purple door first. What did you notice first?  Does it touch your heart as it did mine with the cabbage patch doll resting on the porch?

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The original image is a watercolor painting. Limited edition prints are available of this and other pieces from this same series at  They are signed, numbered.  This particular image is currently offered in one print size.

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Happiest of Thanksgivings to you!

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